Alternative to Tab Mix Plus in Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum).

So, the much anticipated Firefox Quantum is among us and amazes us with its lightning speed but also make many many people so sad because of the definitive loss of legacy (XUL – XML User Interface Language) extensions support in favor of the new Web extensions. Among the most useful “legacy” plugins I am now missing, Tab Mix Plus is definitely the first on the list.

I can’t believe there’s no way to have multi-row tabs in the new Firefox, i.e. tabs that arrange on multiple rows when their number grows. I think that is an essential feature to many tab-addicted people around here.

I love(d) Firefox because I love customization, which means functionality and productivity to me. A loss on the side of customization isn’t matched by a gain in speed. To say it more clearly, I don’t give a damn about super-speed if I can’t have multi-row tabs.

One might also love Firefox because they say it defends your privacy, but, don’t you see a huge conflict of interest in the fact the Mozilla foundation is heavily financed by Google? I’d personally forget about privacy… Let’s stick then on Firefox’s customization.

I think Mozilla just made a bad move, forgetting what makes really people love Firefox and trying to compete with Chrome.

I’ve already wasted enough time trying to find a real alternative extension to TabMixPlus, so I can tell you there’s no extension at the moment offering multi-row tabbing in Firefox. In addition to that, it seems that a web extension version of Tab Mix Plus is under development but there isn’t no estimated release date yet.

Now, what we can really do for still managing a lot of tabs in our Firefox browser, after the arrival of Firefox Quantum? Here you are some suggestions:

1: stick with an older Firefox. Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) will support legacy extensions at least until June August 2018.

2: CSS trick. Try adding this to userChrome.css:

.tabbrowser-tab {
.tabbrowser-tab,.tab-background {
.tab-stack {
    width: 100%;
.tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox {
    display: flex;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
.tabbrowser-tabs .arrowscrollbox-scrollbox {
    overflow: visible;
    display: block;
.tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbutton-up,.tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbutton-down,#alltabs-button{
    display: none;

The code above gives you multiple-rows tab arrangement, but has the side effect of severely compromising the ability to drag/move tabs. In order to have at least the ability to move a tab in first or last position, you can install the tabsmack web extension.

I advocate the idea that multi-row support should be natively featured in Firefox, but apparently that would be a disruptive change in its UI design.

Update: 29-12-2017

I’ve been using Tree Style Tabs for a couple of weeks or so (thank you Roland for the suggestion!). Though this is a very well written web extension for managing tabs, I’m afraid it doesn’t quite offer the multi-row tab experience I’m missing from pre-quantum Firefox.

So, I’ve eventually decided to pass all my Firefox browsers (I use mainly portable editions) to 52 ESR version and continue to enjoy Tab Mix Plus and other legacy extensions.

My tip to accomplish the conversion from Firefox 57 portable to 52 ESR:

  1. first install Firefox Portable 52 ESR. Important: do NOT launch it after the installation! That’s because we don’t want profile folder and files to be created.
  2. copy all files from the fresh portable Firefox 52 ESR installation folder over the portable Firefox 57 folder, overwriting all files (of course it’s advisable  to do a backup first!)

This way I hope I can continue to use my favorite extensions at least until August 2018 , when Mozilla has announced it will definitively drop “legacy” extensions.

In the meantime, let’s check Firefox market share and see how bright the new era of Firefox will be.


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Your post sums up my feeling exactly. After getting over the SHOCK of having Firefox 57 installed WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and with NO NOTICE, I quickly re-downloaded Firefox 56.0.2 (sorry Firefox – Firefox 57 is NOT a @$! “update”, its a whole new !#$! Browser that you should have informed your users about BEFORE loading it onto the laptops in the ‘middle of the night’)

So, Firefox 57 is “dead to me” unless I can have the 3+ rows of bookmarks that I use on a REGULAR BASIS in front of me where I can SEE THEM. (No, I don’t want them buried in with the other 500 bookmarks that I only use once in a while).

If Firefox refuses to allow Multi-Rows (or something similar) onto the 57 version, I will use 56.0.2 until they stop supporting it, and then I will migrate to another browser that DOES ALLOW MULTI_ROWS OF BOOKMARKS ON MY SCREEN.

Oh, and Techlander – if you do become aware of a way to have bookmakr multi-rows on FIrefox 57, please let us know.

Completely agree.
If I want to use a browser that has the speed and limitations of Chrome then I simply use Chrome…

The multi row tabs were THE one killer feature Firefox had and in my opinion removing that is suicide.
But so be it, then I’ll just use Pale Moon as alternative to Chrome, no reason to stick to Firefox anymore.

Still I am speechless how they can remove such a feature and apparently not even thinking about supporting it anymore.

All these years being comfortable with Firefox and they flushed it all down the toilet. I got rid of most plug-ins because of the super-obnoxious update problem, but I NEED Tab Mix Plus and NoScript.

No clear warning “hey we are basically nuking your browser of 15 years, for some Chrome clone.”

No multi-line tabs?! come on!
Wide open scripts, or none. — Terrible.
No default page for ‘new tab’ — pffft, come on!

Two other useful plugins I’m missing are “Go parent folder” and “Show parent folder”. I used them within the bookmarks sidebar to find which folder contained a given bookmark (I have hundreds of bookmarks organized in a rather deep folders structure).
I’m now using the following workaround: go to the URL corresponding to the bookmark, then click the bookmark (star) icon beside the URL bar and expand the folder dropdown menu.

@Raffaele Heh, this is a spectacular workaround, thanks for posting. First I’ve found after periodic searching ever since FF quantum came out. Tedious with 15,000 bookmarks organized into sub-folders, but it does eventually show you the folder location if you keep scrolling down. Then you can pop over to your library, find the folder, and get on with all the related goodies you’d saved that would be lost otherwise. With this functionality already in place it makes you wonder how easy would it be for Mozilla to add a native show/go parent folder.

The scaling of tabs in TMP was a nice feature. I never used multi-rows of tabs, but most of all, and as silly as it might sound, I miss was the ability to specify custom colors and font style for tabs (read, unread, current).

Hi RandyG, you remind me of another extension I’m missing from Firefox 56: ColorfulTabs. Though there’s a ColorfulTabs web extension, it is pretty much useless.

I am with you, I held out until mid Feb. before I installed a post 57FF. I still search for a solution to the color tabs.

Treestyle Tab solves the tabs multi line problems while offering a far better way to display the tabs. If you try it, you won’t be able to live without it afterwards. There are version pre 57 and for firefox 57 also.

Thank you Roland for sharing that. I remember I gave Treestyle Tab a try in the past, before the Firefox-geddon and gave up with it after some hours. I’m going to reinstall it and try to stick with it a bit longer 🙂

I myself don’t use the multiple rows for browsing, but the features to change mouse click behavior. Its baffling that there doesn’t seem to be anything in Quantum that permits that. Google searching even now, 2 months later says to try other addons that are just as obsolete.

I’ve read that maybe Vertical Tabs Reloaded may have similar functionality. But I’ve got ESR going now for quite awhile.

It’s nice to see I’m not alone. The idea that FF57 got shoved on us, combined with the abandonment of the many great extensions that many people had worked on so hard (Gary Reyes, thank you for Tab Mix Plus), was a kick in the face to both those folk and us. I’m going back to FF56 until Mozilla can get it’s act together. Too bad I hate Chrome & IE so much – I’d switch in a minute otherwise.

I miss the capability to right click a link and say “Open in a background tab”. I like to go down a list of results and open each in its own tab then take my time to go through each tab. I could do this with Tab Mix Plus but now I can’t and that is annoying, and from what I can tell no other browser extension does this.

I agree with everybody else. I REFUSE to update to 57+ until I can have multirow tabs. I have enough safeguards and backups that security is not a problem. PLEASE Mozilla or TMP, get our multirow tabs back.

I’m still on XP & had to do a fresh o/s install but tab mix plus extension is no where to be found anymore. Know of any archive sites that have it?

I have used firefox portable 56 so far because I used to enjoy browsing with Tab mix plus – well at least until today when suddenly it turns out that this is no longer possible. What a fudge up! Why on earth can one suddenly no longer use TMP? What have they changed? Everything useful disabled above all TMP.
Then I downloaded and installed 60.6.01 Extend Support Release, but TMP cannot be installed as it is no longer compatible, although I have changed the settings in “about:config” to xpinstall.signatures.devInfoURL; —
I am so disappointed. I hate being protected, I am free human being.
Well, I will give Treestyle Tab a trial.
But pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase give us TMP back.

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